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Get Ready for Your Study Calls
Best Practice and Registration

You're on mute.

When you join the call, you are automatically set to MUTE. Please unmute yourself to speak to your facilitator and fellow call participants.

Headphones please.

In the interest of audio quality, it is preferred that you use headphones when connecting to the study call via your computer. Please be mindful of your background noise and use your mute function when not speaking.

Don't drive and call.

Do not participate in study calls whilst driving or operating a motor vehicle. If students do go into a study call whilst driving, the facilitator will ask them to leave the study call and invite them to return when they are no longer driving.

What if I missed my study call?

You may choose to book into another call schedule for that week, if there is available space. If the ‘calendar is currently unavailable’ message is shown, refresh/reload the page (Ctrl + R) to load the latest versions of the booking calendars.

If there's no available space left, in place of the missed call, you will be required to submit a 300-word or equivalent audio/video reflection on the covered Big Idea including at least one example of how you are applying or will apply the learning and email to

Applied neuroscience
Your Email Confirmation – You’re All Set! 
  1. Email notifications are sent from
  2. Schedules are automatically set based on the time zone of your booking device.
  3. Link will automatically open Zoom. Please note that Zoom will prompt you to download the desktop or mobile app for free if using for the first time.
  4. If you opt to dial in, phone numbers in selected countries are available. You may incur charges based on your telephone service provider.
  5. If you select ‘Add to ______ Calendar’, the study call details can be added to your calendar. Otherwise, please be sure to save your study call details somewhere you can easily access.
  6. Should you need to reschedule, click the ‘Reschedule’ button and you can book another slot if there’s any left for other available schedules.