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Give your brain a break!


Our brains are under more pressure and stress in the Covid-19 environment than at any time in our lifetime. Most of you are working from home and juggling family, work and getting used to being confined mostly to home. It is hard for the boundaries for work and home to stay separate in this environment. Some of you have had to quickly master online meetings and the technological challenges that may go along with this.

My key message to you is to give your brain a break. We need to shut down and shut off and give our energy hungry brain a chance to reboot and refresh. This means stopping what you are doing and taking a ‘brain break’. This could be as simple as going for a quick walk or looking out your window or taking a stroll in the garden. This simple action will do wonders for your brain and boost your productivity during the day. Remember to also give your brain a break from constant surveillance of the news. Try and limit your viewing to once per day.

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