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Impact of Psychological Safety on Sales Performance | Linda Ray RegalixTV Interview

NeuroCapability Founder & CEO, Linda Ray, spoke with RegalixTV host Dheeraj Prasad about the concept of psychological safety last week. The conversation covered how to make customers feel psychologically safe in a sales environment and why appreciation is so important. Watch the full interview here.

Impact of Psychological Safety on Sales Performance | Linda Ray, Founder & CEO, NeuroCapability

What is psychological safety?
Psychological safety is the idea that people feel safe and comfortable to speak up and speak out, that they can ask for help, that there is trust within the team and in the organization. This is especially important when working in a team.

Making customers feel psychologically safe
In a sales environment, psychological safety is important for customers as well as individual team members. So, sales teams need to ensure they make customers feel comfortable, worthy and trusted.

Appreciation from Leadership
Appreciation is one of the fundamentals of psychological safety and drastically improves the quality of a team member’s work. However, across industries and all management levels, simple acts of showing appreciation for team members are not performed.

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