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International Webinar: Why do the Best Leaders Lead with the Brain in Mind (UK)

In this introductory webinar, NeuroCapability CEO, Linda Ray, outlines the importance of leading
with the brain in mind. Neuroscience has revealed a lot about how the brain works and through
understanding what drives people’s behaviour and motivates them to engage and be more
productive and innovative, we can develop high performing teams. This webinar was conducted
specifically for an audience in the United Kingdom with the assistance of Dr Fiona Warner-Gale.
Another live version was recorded two days later in a United States-friendly time slot.

Webinar Chat:

Jane S: Has Covid affected our ability to feel socially safe? ie we’ve been socially ‘distant’

Louise: How as a leader can we ensure our teams have psychological safety if our higher managers constantly drive the results driven work

Amanda N: I heard something from a group recently. Staff perceive the reality is their organisations may advocate a non-blaming open cultures, but the true organisational values are evident in what behaviours are rewarded by the organisation.

Saju A: How do you identify which driver to address for a person’s psychological safety?

Kristof: Interesting book for leaders:

John N: Relating to the SCARE model, it resonated with me how important it is to understand individual cognitive drivers that we each carry with us.

Jane S: Thank you – so interesting!

Puggil: Just a big thank you, really interesting

Kristof: Thank you

Benjamin M UK: So interesting-Thank you

Les H: Thank you Linda and Fiona. Interesting presentation.

Marijke DM: Thank you so much, Linda and Fiona .. always something to learn!

Rajj J: Hi, Thank you so much. It has been great to listen to you both. Very interesting. 🙂

Maree W: Thank you both – well presented and very interesting!

Louise: Thank you this has been so interesting

John N: Thank you

Amanda N: thank you, Linda

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