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Brain Training Tips: Deep Work And Its Incredible Value In A Digital World

Using neuroscience techniques to activate 'deep work' and focus

In today’s fast-paced digital world, the ability to focus and dive into deep work is a skill of immeasurable value. Deep work is not merely an option; it’s a necessity. As I meticulously plan dedicated time blocks for upcoming deep work projects, I am constantly reminded of the importance of this brain training in a […]

How Elite Athletes Benefit From Brain Training

brain coaching for athletes

Sports brain training has become an integral aspect of elite sports, revolutionizing the way athletes approach their performance. With a focus on enhancing mental agility, resilience, and overall cognitive function, brain training has proven to be a game-changer for athletes at the highest level of competition. In parallel, this concept of brain coaching has also […]

3 Ways to Support Executive Leadership by Using Brain Coaching

Explore 3 brain coaching techniques for executive leadership by NeuroCapability.

Are you looking for effective ways to support executive leadership and enhance their performance? Brain coaching offers valuable techniques to achieve these goals. In this article, we will explore three key aspects of brain coaching that can revolutionize executive leadership: cognitive training, emotional intelligence development, and well-being. Cognitive Training: Unlocking Peak Performance Cognitive training is […]

NeuroCapability Testimonial: Stephen Lambe

“On the basis of paying for the course, I was able to pitch for some work which then got my investment back and profit on top of it within about a month and a half” ~Stephen Lambe In terms of decision making and productivity, Stephen found the course to be very effective and productive in […]

International Webinar: Why Do The Best Leaders Lead With The Brain in Mind (US)

In this introductory webinar, NeuroCapability CEO, Linda Ray, outlines the importance of leading with the brain in mind. Neuroscience has revealed a lot about how the brain works and through understanding what drives people’s behaviour and motivates them to engage and be more productive and innovative, we can develop high performing teams. This webinar was […]

Webinar: The Problem with KPIs – And a Better Alternative

In this slightly controversial webinar, NeuroCapability CEO, Linda Ray, questions the use of KPIs and SMART goals, which have been a staple of the manager’s toolkit for decades. She views these tools through a neuroscience and leadership best-practice lens to discover alternative tools.

Webinar Preview: The Problem With KPIs – And A Better Alternative

Traditional goal-setting (SMART framework) for KPIs was developed 40 years ago. The environment we operate in now is far different from what it was in 1981 so we really need to question whether that approach is still suitable. Even the language of Key “Performance” Indicators is very judgement-oriented and not in line with modern leadership […]

Why do the best leaders lead with the brain in mind?

Leadership – what does this mean for you? What is the secret ingredient to being a great leader? It is quite simple really. The best leaders act in ways that support social and psychological safety of the people they lead. It is not rocket science but our understanding of how the brain drives behaviour has […]

Why Your Brain Needs to Feel More Trust

How psychological safety impacts performance and well-being. Brain Reboot by Justin James Kennedy, PhD, D.Prof. with Tim Wigham and Linda Ray Previously published in Psychology Today. Click here Mood is the background music, the ambiance, the feeling we have about an environment. Does it make us feel productive and energetic, or does it make us […]

Is Emotional Curiosity the Key to Wellbeing?

By Dr Justin Kennedy & Meg Price (Originally published in Psychology Today on 11 November 2020) Curiosity has its own reason for existing ― Albert Einstein Many can recall Einstein saying that the most important thing is to never stop questioning. And that curiosity is key! The neuroscientist Antonio Damasio reminds us, humans are not […]