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Brainbite: Mindfulness Tips

It is very important to be present at the moment and get rid of all the clutter in our brain. Linda Ray, NeuroCapability CEO, shared tips that will help us to look after our attention and ensure that we’re mindful rather than being mind full. 4 Mindfulness Tips 1. Get things out of your head […]

Webinar: Mindful v Mind Full – Why Attention Matters

We process 11 million pieces of information every single second. To avoid meltdowns, our brain selectively decides what we should pay attention to. In this webinar, Linda Ray, NeuroCapability CEO, shared the significance of Attentional Intelligence in practising Mindfulness by becoming the boss of your thoughts and the driver of your brain. You’ll not be […]

Working From Home webinar

[youtube Combining your work life and your home life brings with it plenty of challenges. The good news comes with a great selection of techniques you can employ to make your work life more productive and your home life happier. NeuroCapability’s PENNY CURNOW hosts this Working From Home webinar to help us learn those […]

Mastering working from home

In many parts of the world, and certainly in Australia, thousands of people have been working from home for the first time – and it has presented a few challenges. This week, PENNY CURNOW looks at ways you can master working from home in a brain-friendly way that works for everyone. Working from home has […]

Body, Mind, Soul

During a recent webinar, workplace wellness experts, Thea O’Connor, Linda Ray, and Cynthia Hickman offered some insights on how we can care for ourselves and each other during challenging times. You can watch the video or read a transcription of the conversation below.

The Ugly Truth About Leadership and Engagement

Your staff engagement results are in… and despite all the hard work you have put in, crafting mission statements and values and developing leadership capability frameworks, your results haven’t improved or have even got worse! Does this sound familiar? Poor engagement results are bad news for CEO’s and executives who have been incentivised to improve […]

Attentional Intelligence is Critical in Leadership

This blog is the first in a series, in which we will explain the 3rd Intelligence ‘Attentional Intelligence’ – a key component of our Human-Centred Brain-Based Leadership Model™. In coming blogs, we will explore 10 key future capabilities we see as crucial workplace competencies needed now and why an understanding of the brain is so […]

How technology is reshaping our brains

Linda Ray, CEO of NeuroCapability looks at how technology is reshaping our brains and asks is it time to rethink our love affair with our digital world? Our love affair with technology is at an all-time high, but have we really considered the costs? The first generation of young people are entering new careers having […]

What you need to know about workplace stress

This week, Linda Ray, CEO of NeuroCapability, shares the negative impacts to productivity that increased stress levels can have as a result of the distractions we face everyday. Stress and anxiety is on the rise in the workplace. There are some obvious contributors with tough economic times and people being required to do more with […]

Taming Distraction By Developing Attentional Intelligence

In this blog, Linda Ray turns her attention to the subject of ‘attention’—more specifically on ways to build productivity through ‘Attentional Intelligence’. ATTENTION IS A LIMITED RESOURCE Take a moment to consider how your day has gone.  Where has your attention been focussed? Given the average worker spends around 2.5-3 hours per day on distractions, I suspect […]