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Brainbite: Good Questions

Litigators, Journalists and Doctors are trained to ask really good questions to elicit the answers they need so they can do the work they do. “The better we become at asking good questions, the better we increase our skill in listening.” ~ Penny Curnow Keen to grow your skill in asking questions and listening? Get […]

Brainbite: Brain Extenders

What is a brain extender — it is whatever you can do to get information out of your head. When we are stressed or overwhelmed, we have a hard time to recall things. Think about how you can utilise ‘Brain Extenders’ to help you remember easier.

Brainbite: Stress and its impact on the brain

“No two people feel stressed or frazzled in the same way” ~Penny Curnow People are encountering stress and overwhelm and this is contributing to a constant state of frazzle. While stress itself is not necessarily problematic, the accumulation of cortisol in the brain can have long-term effects that can lead to health problems. Watch the […]

Brainbite: Hoarding – What it says about your personality.

The level of perceived threat posed by the COVID-19 pandemic has influenced toilet paper hoarding behaviour. Our response reflects traits of Honesty, Emotionality, Extraversion, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, and/or Openness.

Which do you think reflects yours?

Brainbite: Mental Priming

“Whatever you think, you become.” Watch this week’s brainbite and learn more about Mental Priming that has been widely used in sports training with great success. Our brain is like a BlackBox — it doesn’t know anything other than the input that you put into it. What are you programming into your little black box? […]