Webinar: Feedback – Why our brains need it

“Feedback is fundamental to us and we cannot thrive without it.” ~ Wendy Hall Throughout this excellently-presented webinar, Wendy Hall, NeuroCapability Alumni and Guest Presenter, shared the impact of feedback on our brains and offered three useful models that can be used as leadership tools for giving feedback. Here are the results of the conducted […]

Webinar: Stress and Memory – Why Stress is bad for your brain

Stress levels can significantly impact our brain’s ability to encode and recall memory. But, in short bursts, stress can be positive, such as helping you avoid danger or meet a deadline. This webinar was well attended with plenty of engagement as people shared their thoughts, experiences and question. Linda Ray, NeuroCapability CEO, spent most of […]

Webinar: Transitioning Back to Work – Re-imagining how the workplace could look

NeuroCapability CEO, Linda Ray conducted a poll asking what has been the most important benefit of the changed working environment due to the COVID-19 pandemic and discussed further how we can address challenges of transitioning back to the workplace positively. Areas Covered: Retaining the Benefit experienced How do we address the challenges of transitioning back […]

Webinar: Emotion Contagion – What kind of emotional wake do you leave behind?

  Humans are highly attuned to detect emotion in others and as social beings, we are primed to respond to other’s emotion. Linda Ray, NeuroCapability CEO, discussed why emotions are contagious and how practising self-regulation help manage affect. With this, we can be aware of our emotional wake thus help others with theirs. Areas Covered: […]

Webinar: Mindful v Mind Full – Why Attention Matters

We process 11 million pieces of information every single second. To avoid meltdowns, our brain selectively decides what we should pay attention to. In this webinar, Linda Ray, NeuroCapability CEO, shared the significance of Attentional Intelligence in practising Mindfulness by becoming the boss of your thoughts and the driver of your brain. You’ll not be […]