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Why BIG goals get BIG results

What’s going to yield better results – smaller goals that are within reach but might leave a little in the tank, or really big stretch goals that put you at risk of falling short? Marketing expert DAVE WESTMAN takes a look at why going large on goal-setting can produce outstanding results. When I was a […]

NeuroCapability Testimonial: Stephen Lambe

“On the basis of paying for the course, I was able to pitch for some work which then got my investment back and profit on top of it within about a month and a half” ~Stephen Lambe In terms of decision making and productivity, Stephen found the course to be very effective and productive in […]

Webinar: Why are we still getting Leadership so wrong?

In this webinar, NeuroCapability CEO Linda Ray and Rachel Grahl from Grahl Consulting share insights around what the research is telling us about leadership and the gap between that knowledge and what we see being put into practice.

Webinar Preview: Why are we still getting leadership so wrong?

Join our forum to discuss the gap between what the latest research says about leadership and what we’re putting into practice. Registrants will get a copy of the new research paper by NeuroCapability CEO Linda Ray and HRS Connect’s Janeene Hutchinson and Karen Schulz. Register for the upcoming webinar forum Why are we still getting […]

Webinar: Great Decisions – How to make decisions with confidence

In this webinar, NeuroCapability CEO, Linda Ray shared the cognitive factors influencing decision making and the reasons why we make “not-so-great” decisions. Linda also shared strategies for brain-friendly decision making that’s useful as our brains continually confront hundreds of different choices.

Impact of Psychological Safety on Sales Performance | Linda Ray RegalixTV Interview

NeuroCapability Founder & CEO, Linda Ray, spoke with RegalixTV host Dheeraj Prasad about the concept of psychological safety last week. The conversation covered how to make customers feel psychologically safe in a sales environment and why appreciation is so important. Watch the full interview here. Impact of Psychological Safety on Sales Performance | Linda Ray, […]

Webinar: Emotion Contagion – What kind of emotional wake do you leave behind?

  Humans are highly attuned to detect emotion in others and as social beings, we are primed to respond to other’s emotion. Linda Ray, NeuroCapability CEO, discussed why emotions are contagious and how practising self-regulation help manage affect. With this, we can be aware of our emotional wake thus help others with theirs. Areas Covered: […]

Webinar: Mindful v Mind Full – Why Attention Matters

We process 11 million pieces of information every single second. To avoid meltdowns, our brain selectively decides what we should pay attention to. In this webinar, Linda Ray, NeuroCapability CEO, shared the significance of Attentional Intelligence in practising Mindfulness by becoming the boss of your thoughts and the driver of your brain. You’ll not be […]