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Why BIG goals get BIG results

What’s going to yield better results – smaller goals that are within reach but might leave a little in the tank, or really big stretch goals that put you at risk of falling short? Marketing expert DAVE WESTMAN takes a look at why going large on goal-setting can produce outstanding results. When I was a […]

Webinar Preview: The Problem With KPIs – And A Better Alternative

Traditional goal-setting (SMART framework) for KPIs was developed 40 years ago. The environment we operate in now is far different from what it was in 1981 so we really need to question whether that approach is still suitable. Even the language of Key “Performance” Indicators is very judgement-oriented and not in line with modern leadership […]

Webinar: Why are we still getting Leadership so wrong?

In this webinar, NeuroCapability CEO Linda Ray and Rachel Grahl from Grahl Consulting share insights around what the research is telling us about leadership and the gap between that knowledge and what we see being put into practice.

NeuroCapability Testimonial: Dr Justin James Kennedy

“I need to start by sharing that the quality of content is superb. I have so many other academics and professionals say “wow!”, so well done to you and your team for putting together a five-star experience and content, so really well done to you guys. NeuroCapability is really a leading thinker in the application […]

Webinar: Great Decisions – How to make decisions with confidence

In this webinar, NeuroCapability CEO, Linda Ray shared the cognitive factors influencing decision making and the reasons why we make “not-so-great” decisions. Linda also shared strategies for brain-friendly decision making that’s useful as our brains continually confront hundreds of different choices.