Why BIG goals get BIG results

What’s going to yield better results – smaller goals that are within reach but might leave a little in the tank, or really big stretch goals that put you at risk of falling short? Marketing expert DAVE WESTMAN takes a look at why going large on goal-setting can produce outstanding results. When I was a […]

NeuroCapability Testimonial: Stephen Lambe

“On the basis of paying for the course, I was able to pitch for some work which then got my investment back and profit on top of it within about a month and a half” ~Stephen Lambe In terms of decision making and productivity, Stephen found the course to be very effective and productive in […]

How stress management changed my life

Stress is an unavoidable part of life and, thanks to the pandemic, it’s played a bigger role in our lives for the past year. DAVE WESTMAN of Flat Cat Marketing looks at a technique for coping with stress and living a healthier life, using neuroscience. I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with stress. My wife […]

Webinar Preview – Why are we getting leadership wrong and what to do about it

NeuroCapability CEO, Linda Ray, talks about the upcoming webinar, Why we are getting leadership wrong and what to do about it. Following on from the last webinar, which explored the gap between what the research tells us about leadership and what we see being put into practice, this webinar presents some new research and some […]

Webinar Preview – Why Do We Keep Getting Leadership So Wrong? – Rachel Grahl

Why Do We Keep Getting Leadership So Wrong? One of our guest panellists for tomorrow’s webinar/forum will be Rachel Grahl from Grahl Consulting. Watch the video above for some of her thoughts about leadership. Rachel is a people leader and strategic execution specialist with more than 15 years of experience and a track record of […]

Webinar: Why do the Best Leaders lead with the brain in mind

Our free webinars kicked off for the year with this one conducted yesterday (17th February 2021). In Why Leaders Lead With the Brain In Mind, NeuroCapability CEO, Linda Ray, presented some ground-breaking ideas around what she calls Social Safety and how sub-conscious drivers constantly feed into psychological safety – which underpins the organisational outcomes we […]

Workplace Thinking – Episode 1 snippet – Innovation

Innovation consultant and broadcaster, James O’Loghlin, talks about the difference between believing “being more innovative” is important and doing something to be more innovative. The full interview with James is included in the first episode of Workplace Thinking, a video broadcast produced by NeuroCapability. Last chance to start 2021 on a high Enrolments for the […]

Workplace Thinking – Episode 1 – Innovation

In this first episode of Workplace Thinking, innovation consultant, lawyer, broadcaster, and comedian, James O’Loghlin, talks about innovation and how organisations can be more innovative. NeuroCapability founder and CEO, Linda Ray, looks at the interview – and the topic of innovation – through a neuroscience lens. Plus a neuroscience take on the news, some new […]

What Is Social Safety? — The key to well-being and performance.

NeuroCapability CEO Linda Ray has been working on the new concept of “social safety”, which extends discussion and thinking about psychological safety. This article she co-authored with Dr Justin Kennedy was published by Psychology Today earlier this week. There is so much going at home right now! Domestic and work responsibilities are colliding. There seems […]

Is Emotional Curiosity the Key to Wellbeing?

By Dr Justin Kennedy & Meg Price (Originally published in Psychology Today on 11 November 2020) Curiosity has its own reason for existing ― Albert Einstein Many can recall Einstein saying that the most important thing is to never stop questioning. And that curiosity is key! The neuroscientist Antonio Damasio reminds us, humans are not […]