Webinar: Transitioning Back to Work – Re-imagining how the workplace could look

NeuroCapability CEO, Linda Ray conducted a poll asking what has been the most important benefit of the changed working environment due to the COVID-19 pandemic and discussed further how we can address challenges of transitioning back to the workplace positively. Areas Covered: Retaining the Benefit experienced How do we address the challenges of transitioning back […]

The reluctant march back to the office

With lockdowns all but over (if you don’t live in Victoria), thousands of people are abandoning their temporary work-from-home mode and heading back to their regular workplace. DAVE WESTMAN looks at why that’s good news for some and bad for others. We stood at the cliff face for a long time – certainly for most […]

Brainbite: Threat v Reward – The Importance of Context

As leaders, if we are biologically wired to minimize threats and maximize rewards, what are the kinds of strategies that we are putting into place for our people that are coming into the workplace? What context and environment are we actually creating? Something that we can ponder about. Context is key. Register for the next […]

Brainbite: Trepidation

We’ve been in weeks of lockdown and many have experienced mental challenges. Some people felt lonely and stressed and we need to be really mindful of how people are feeling. Linda Ray, NeuroCapability CEO, shared the trepidation that many people experience that this situation has brought and how we can overcome this fear. Register for […]