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Webinar Preview: The Problem With KPIs – And A Better Alternative

Traditional goal-setting (SMART framework) for KPIs was developed 40 years ago. The environment we operate in now is far different from what it was in 1981 so we really need to question whether that approach is still suitable. Even the language of Key “Performance” Indicators is very judgement-oriented and not in line with modern leadership […]

Webinar Preview – Why are we getting leadership wrong and what to do about it

NeuroCapability CEO, Linda Ray, talks about the upcoming webinar, Why we are getting leadership wrong and what to do about it. Following on from the last webinar, which explored the gap between what the research tells us about leadership and what we see being put into practice, this webinar presents some new research and some […]

Webinar Preview – Why Do We Keep Getting Leadership So Wrong? – Rachel Grahl

Why Do We Keep Getting Leadership So Wrong? One of our guest panellists for tomorrow’s webinar/forum will be Rachel Grahl from Grahl Consulting. Watch the video above for some of her thoughts about leadership. Rachel is a people leader and strategic execution specialist with more than 15 years of experience and a track record of […]

Webinar Preview: Why are we still getting leadership so wrong?

Join our forum to discuss the gap between what the latest research says about leadership and what we’re putting into practice. Registrants will get a copy of the new research paper by NeuroCapability CEO Linda Ray and HRS Connect’s Janeene Hutchinson and Karen Schulz. Register for the upcoming webinar forum Why are we still getting […]

Webinar Preview: The Brain. So What? – Conversations about change

In this NeuroCapability webinar, Strategy Change Consultant Bronny Coombes asks if change management is the right term for our 21st century of work? Many organisations tackle change from the outside, often as something to be fixed, and generally from a process or system view. Knowing that change is deeply personal, how do we connect with […]