Workplace Thinking: Innovation through a neuroscience lens

In this video, NeuroCapability CEO, Linda Ray, casts a neuroscience lens over the Innovation interview with James O’Loghlin, which featured in the first episode of Workplace Thinking. Being “more innovative” is a commonly stated goal for organisations but putting practical steps in place to achieve such a vague goal is very rare. Linda talks about […]

What has innovation done for us, as species?

What has innovation done for us, as species? In this short extract from our first Workplace Thinking video, Innovation Consultant James O’Loghlin looks at how innovation is the difference between us and, well, the rest of the animals. As presenter of the ABC’s The New Inventors for eight years, James accrued a wealth of insights […]

Workplace Thinking – Episode 1 snippet – Innovation

Innovation consultant and broadcaster, James O’Loghlin, talks about the difference between believing “being more innovative” is important and doing something to be more innovative. The full interview with James is included in the first episode of Workplace Thinking, a video broadcast produced by NeuroCapability. Last chance to start 2021 on a high Enrolments for the […]

Workplace Thinking – Episode 1 – Innovation

In this first episode of Workplace Thinking, innovation consultant, lawyer, broadcaster, and comedian, James O’Loghlin, talks about innovation and how organisations can be more innovative. NeuroCapability founder and CEO, Linda Ray, looks at the interview – and the topic of innovation – through a neuroscience lens. Plus a neuroscience take on the news, some new […]