We are mindset transformers who are master translators in the application of neuroscience to leadership, psychological safety and wellbeing.

At NeuroCapability we are Leaders in the Psychological Safety Space and Learning and Development Specialists in Applied Organisational Neuroscience.

We are experts in amplifying impact through transformative, human-centric interventions, research-based educative programs and focus on building long term relationships in a global community.
We are on a mission to change the world one brain at a time.
Linda Ray – Founder & CEO

Our People

The team at NeuroCapability knows that psychological safety is fundamental to organisational growth, success and team wellbeing. Our team thrives on helping people harness the power of their most important asset – their brain.

Linda Ray

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Penny Curnow

Chief Operating Officer

Chief Operating Officer & Alumni

Chief Operating Officer

Ember Jiddah

Learning & Development Manager & Alumni

Jeff McKeon

Chief Growth Officer & Alumni

Dr. Justin James Kennedy

Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience

Dr. Fiona Warner-Gale

Head of the UK Division & Alumni

Wendy Hall

Facilitator & Alumni

Nick Mills

Facilitator & Alumni

Rachael Dunnett

Facilitator & Alumni

Meg Price

Facilitator & Alumni

Linda Chiodo

Facilitator & Alumni

Jane Smith

Facilitator & Alumni

Karen Schulz

Facilitator & Alumni

Bronny Coombes

Facilitator & Alumni

Karen Livey

Facilitator & Alumni

Nick Bennett

Facilitator & Alumni

Martin Turnbull

Learning & Development Researcher & Alumni

What makes us different?

A New Approach to Mindset Transformation

We are early adopters who have a research and data-driven mindset. We connect the dots of opportunity by rewiring the brains of individuals and leaders around the globe to adopt a more contemporary, human-centric, evidence-based leadership approach that has proven to lift psychological safety and performance. We’re focused on educating you and your leaders on the SO WHAT and the HOW TO. Are you ready to transform yourself, your team and your organisation to amplify your impact and join our mission to change the world one brain at a time? Start Today.

Start Today.

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At NeuroCapability we are a global leader in transforming individuals, teams and organisations to utilise the breakthroughs in cognitive and social neuroscience to reshape how you work, live and positively interact with others.
Join us on our mission to change the world – one brain at a time.