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Lead with the brain in mind to drive sustainable change
This program is designed specifically for today’s influential leader who wants to improve psychological safety and drive performance. On completion of this program you will confidently be able to improve psychological safety in teams, implement targeted interventions to support safe environments for people to thrive (staff and customers) and be able to assess workplace practices and their impact on individual, team and organisational performance..

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Discover Practical Applications Based On The Latest Findings From Neuroscience Research and Collect ICF Professional Development Points

This online program’s unique design merges the latest findings in neuroscience research and psychology. You will learn practical applications from social and cognitive neuroscience. This will enable you as a leader, coach or entrepreneur to create psychologically safe workplaces, the fundamentals for performance and sustained business growth.

Do you want to learn what it takes to amplify your impact by learning about the leadership concepts of the future grounded in real science?

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NeuroCapability supports leaders of organisations to build a psychological safety strategy.

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Professional learning pathways in the field of applied neuroscience are very limited and often linked to high admission fees. The Neuroscience of Leadership Program will give you all the learning outcomes from our Advanced Diploma Program at a reduced rate. This enables leaders who are interested in the content of our premium course to benefit without necessarily pursuing an academic pathway.

This will enable you as a leader, coach or entrepreneur to create psychologically safe workplaces, the fundamental foundation driving performance, innovation and sustained growth for performance and sustained business growth.

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Lead with the brain in mind
to drive sustainable change

Lead and champion psychologically safe workplaces and team environments which improves engagement, physical safety and employee well-being

Lead a culture of high motivation and accountability to achieve performance targets and goals

Proactively manage attention and focus to improve productivity by at least 20% or more

Apply strategies when experiencing pressure and stress as a leader to mitigate their impact for self and team members

Coach others to build self-awareness and manage their emotions to create a psychologically safe workplace

Mitigate negative impacts of distraction and information overwhelm to supercharge performance for self and others

Lead your team by employing
simple and practical tools.

Learn cutting-edge techniques developed from the latest research in psychology and neuroscience. The Neuroscience of Leadership Program is a program designed specifically for tomorrow’s influential leaders. It will equip you with the skills you need to build and manage high performing teams and create a psychologically safe workplace.

Are you a leader, a coach, consultant or trainer interested in developing cultures of high performance and accountability?

Join us on our mission to change the world one brain at a time.

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Understand the Brain to Improve Self-Awareness, Self-Regulation and Stress Mastery

Unlock the Brain’s Decision Making Ability and Supercharge Productivity

Build Psychologically Safe Workplaces to Drive Engagement and Collaboration

Applying Strategies to Support Change Agility and Lead Sustainable Change

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