Post-Course Student Survey

NeuroCapability has conducted a post-course survey to their students and received remarkable responses.

Webinar: Transitioning Back to Work – Re-imagining how the workplace could look

NeuroCapability CEO, Linda Ray conducted a poll asking what has been the most important benefit of the changed working environment due to the COVID-19 pandemic and discussed further how we can address challenges of transitioning back to the workplace positively. Areas Covered: Retaining the Benefit experienced How do we address the challenges of transitioning back […]

Brainbite: Balancing Your Body Budget

You can only do deep for a short time before you have to have a break. Our brain needs good systems, good nutrition and good amounts of sleep in order to be able to function properly. NeuroCapability’s PENNY CURNOW created this short BrainBite about your body budget and how you can’t keep making withdrawals without topping […]