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Webinar: Transitioning Back to Work – Re-imagining how the workplace could look

NeuroCapability CEO, Linda Ray conducted a poll asking what has been the most important benefit of the changed working environment due to the COVID-19 pandemic and discussed further how we can address challenges of transitioning back to the workplace positively.

Areas Covered:

  • Retaining the Benefit experienced
  • How do we address the challenges of transitioning back to the workplace
  • Reimagining the workplace of the future
  • Tools and Tips for a Positive Transition

Webinar Poll 1: What’s been the most important benefit of the changed working environment for you?

  1. More productive
  2. Time with family
  3. Engaging new activities
  4. Working remotely/virtually
  5. Finding solutions to niggling problems

Poll 1 Results:

Webinar Poll 2: Which of these social drivers are you most concerned about?

  1. Certainty
  2. Autonomy
  3. Relatedness
  4. Equity
  5. Significance

Poll 2 Results:

How are we going to address the challenges?

  • Anxiety about returning to the workplace.
    • Label your feelings
    • Acknowledge other people’s feelings
    • Self-regulate to minimize emotion contagion
    • Focus on what you have certainty about
    • Staying connected
  • Over-connection
    • Develop a connection plan
    • Reset your mind
  • Supporting Innovation and Creativity
    • Do a CARES Audit of your transition plan
    • Hybrid Models of Working

Connecting back to Purpose – Hitting the Reset Button

“A shared sense of purpose is better than a shared sense of goal”
– Linda Ray

Tips for a Positive Transition

  • Focus attention on retaining the benefits
  • Identify challenges and mitigate their impact
  • Map out your 91-Day plan
  • Seize opportunities to reimagine your work/workplace

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  1. Great webinar Thank you. Can you give the research reference on the productivity of the 4 day week please? Thank you.

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