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Neuroscience tops class in education setting

One of the real strengths of Neuroscience is how understanding a new concept translates to immediate benefits in your life, whether that’s in the workplace, in your family, or just within yourself.

We most often think of leadership in terms of our workplace team and our colleagues. But concepts learned in our Neuroscience of Leadership course can be applied just as effectively with other groups of people with whom we interact – most often customers or clients.

This week, one of our Neuroscience of Leadership students was interviewed about the application of neuroscience in the education sector. Jason Hibberd, Deputy Principal – Head of Campus at St Francis Xavier College in Melbourne, is nearing completion of his Advanced Diploma and talked about how neuroscience concepts were being applied with staff and with students. As he says in the video, whether dealing with staff or students, the concepts are the same, it is only the language used that differs.


Jason has had tremendous success in applying neuroscience in the education sector and it’s a great place to plant early seeds for success. Young children gaining an understanding of how their brain works helps them take control of their own future.

Year 9 students, in Jason’s example, easily comprehend models such as the Upstairs/Downstairs Brain and can use the concept to self-regulate their own emotions and behaviours. Their positive feedback on that part of their education says it all and kudos to St Francis Xavier for the work they are doing with their “Wellbeing” subject.

The education sector faces a number of challenges going forward, as do other industries, and having the ability to apply neuroscience concepts when making decisions and managing change makes managers more effective and makes their life easier.

It also plays a key role in creating a psychologically safe workplace and we discussed psychological safety in the context of education in a previous blog.

However, having a more productive, less stressful, and more psychologically safe work environment is a bonus in any industry.

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