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Webinar Preview – Why Do We Keep Getting Leadership So Wrong? – Rachel Grahl

Why Do We Keep Getting Leadership So Wrong?

One of our guest panellists for tomorrow’s webinar/forum will be Rachel Grahl from Grahl Consulting. Watch the video above for some of her thoughts about leadership. Rachel is a people leader and strategic execution specialist with more than 15 years of experience and a track record of excellence in delivery and change capability development. Rachel is passionate about good leadership practice and how we can support and develop the potential of people as one of an organisation’s most valuable assets. She believes the quality and effectiveness of leadership is a key difference between good change delivery and great change delivery. Since November last year, Rachel has been the Principal Consultant at Grahl Consulting. Before this, she spent seven years with Auto & General in several roles, and was the General Manager of Change & Operational Support for the Claims and Assessing Division from 2018 to 2020. Over her career she has worked in a diverse range of industries and roles, in each of these she has worked to harness the power of people, processes and systems to bring great ideas to life. We are looking forward to some great insights in tomorrow’s webinar.

💡 Webinar: Why are we still getting leadership so wrong?
🗓 Wednesday 17 March 2021
⏰ 12 noon QLD

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