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Webinar: Emotion Contagion – What kind of emotional wake do you leave behind?


Humans are highly attuned to detect emotion in others and as social beings, we are primed to respond to other’s emotion.

Linda Ray, NeuroCapability CEO, discussed why emotions are contagious and how practising self-regulation help manage affect. With this, we can be aware of our emotional wake thus help others with theirs.

Areas Covered:

  • What are Emotions
  • Why Emotions are contagious
  • Managing Affect
  • 4 Tips for Managing your Emotional Wake

Webinar Notes:

What are Emotions
A collection of psychological states that include:
– subjective experience
– experience behaviour
– Peripheral physiological states

“As social animals, we are primed to respond to the emotion of others.”

What is Emotion Contagion
A process in which a person or a group influences the emotion and affective behaviour of another person or group through the conscious or unconscious induction of emotion and behavioural attitudes.

What emotional wake do you want to leave behind and how can you help other people to be aware of their emotional wake?

To manage emotion contagion, one should practice Self Regulation

‘The things we do to influence which emotions we have, when we have them, and how we experience and express them. (Gross and Feldman Barrett 2011)

We can’t change the past — but we can change the present…

4 Tips for Managing your Emotional Wake:

  • Notice how you are feeling – your affect and label it
  • Be a super spreader of positive emotion
  • Build your Emotional Granularity
  • Build your Self-Regulation superpowers

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