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Webinar: Navigating Challenging Times – Surge Capacity (Your brain can be your super power)

An interesting topic raised in yesterday’s free webinar (Navigating Challenging Times) was the “surge Capacity” that we, as humans, can tap into to cope with high-stress situations. But, as Dr Ann Masten points out, many aspects of resilience are limited but renewable. Our ability to cope with the pandemic, lockdowns, and health risks is possible because of the surge capacity. But that capacity is limited and as the pandemic draws on people are feeling exhausted and struggling to continue with “the surge”. In this interview about resilience in the face of the pandemic, Dr Ann Masten goes into detail about surge capacity, resilience, and the pandemic.

“I think that many aspects of resilience are limited but they’re renewable. Our resilience is always changing. For example, if you don’t feel well, you won’t have as much resilience as when you do. If you don’t get enough sleep, you won’t have as much resilience and so forth. Just like our immune system under difficult circumstances, we do have the capacity, as parents and people, to surge. We do have surge capacity, but that may be temporary. We can get depleted. Day after day after day, if you are working hard to deal with challenging things, you can simply get exhausted and overwhelmed, and then we need to step back and try to replenish and restore our capacity.”

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