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Webinar: The Brain, so what? – Conversations About Change

In this webinar, NeuroCapability CEO Linda Ray talks with Bronny Coombes about whether change management is the right term for our 21st century of work? Many organisations tackle change from the outside, often as something to be fixed, and generally from a process or system view. Knowing that change is deeply personal, how do we connect with the inner sanctity of our human systems to truly build the change that is coherent and sticky? Tapping into the brain’s social domains can help us to create a different kind of organisational change experience.

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  1. Thankyou Bronny and Linda for a wonderfully engaging presentation. I too am familiar with the Cynefin model and love to be reminded of its relevance and value to change management.
    I also found incredible value in the visual representation of initiating change from the inside/ out as opposed to the outside/ in. Many thanks Sue

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