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Webinar: Threat v Reward – The Universal Filter that governs our thoughts

In this well-discussed webinar, Linda Ray, NeuroCapability CEO, talks about how our brain is monitoring the environment and makes predictions to guide our actions influencing behaviours to protective or reward state.

Here are the areas covered in the webinar:

  • Our Brain and Threat and Reward
  • No two Brains are alike
  • Drivers of Threat and Reward
  • Tools and Tips for Managing Threat

Webinar Notes:

To keep you alive and safe is the key Role of your Brain.

5 Key Drivers Influencing Behaviour

  • Significance – DO I matter in the eyes of others?
  • Certainty – Do I have clarity now and into the future?
  • Autonomy – Do I feel I have a choice and influence?
  • Relatedness – Do I belong?
  • Equity – Am I being treated fairly and equitably?

Four-Step Recovery from Threat

  • Labelling – How is this making you feel?
  • Interesting – Get Curious!
  • Origin – In what domain has the threat been generated?
  • New Meaning – Reappraisal (Choosing to see a situation differently)

Tips for managing threats

  • Remember not everyone perceives threat the same way
  • Look out for social threats and catch them early
  • Tame the Threat – L.I.O.N.
  • Build resilience – sleep, nutrition and exercise

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